Fame Tents

Our frame tents are made of a rigid framework that allows the tent to be set up on both soft or hard surfaces like grass, driveways and parking lots. Frame tents have no center poles providing a open floor plan.

Pole Tents

Our Pole tents do have center poles to hold up the top and they rely on stakes being driven into the ground for support; and so, it is not suitable to put a pole tent on concrete or asphalt surfaces. 

High Peak Tents

Our High Peak Tents are similar to our frame tents. With the peak is held up by cross cables, High peak tents are popular for a backyard event.

Price List

A standard delivery charge of $25.00 will be applied to all rentals. An additional delivery cost will be applied to rentals outside a twenty mile radius of First State Tent Rentals. There is an extra charge for installations on concrete or asphalt. First State Tent Rentals has final call on weather cancellations